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Medical Gas Services

Medical Gas Systems
Piping for the distribution of inflammable medical gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, compressed air, carbon dioxide, and helium.
Medical Support Gas
Piped gases such as nitrogen and instrument air that is used to support medical procedures by operating medical –surgical tools and equipment
Medical Air
For purposes of medical air (oxygen) supplied from cylinders, bulk containers, medical air compressors
Medical/Surgical Vacuum Systems
An assembly of central vacuum producing equipment and a network of piping for patient suction in medical surgical waste and anesthetic gas disposal (WAGD) systems
Station Outlets
An outlet point in a piped medical gas distribution system at which the user makes connections and disconnection
Water Systems
Domestic Hot and Cold Water; Laboratory Hot and Cold Water; Process Hot and Cold Water; Non-Potable Hot and Cold Water; Make-Up Water for Mechanical and Process Equipment
Waste Systems
Sanitary Waste and Vent; Storm and Roof Drainage; Clearwater Water Waste and Vent ; Process Waste and Vent; Corrosion Resistant Waste and Vent
Laboratory Piping Systems
Compressed Air; Nitrogen; Oxygen; Argon; CO2; Vacuum ; Helium; Natural Gas
Medical Piping Systems
Oxygen; Medical Compressed Air; Medical Vacuum; Nitrous Oxide; Nitrogen; CO2; Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal (WAGD)

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