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Touchless water and handwashing stations at school

Touchless water and handwashing stations at school

December 5, 2020

A water bottle filling station is an important investment in any school setting. This ensures the availability of clean water to all the members of the school community. The importance of hydration for our children isn’t anything new, water hydration helps to keep our kids focused, energized, and healthy.

Call us today and have B&B Plumbing, Inc. install a touchless water bottle filling station at your school. We also offer hand washing stations as another measure to help ensure a safe and sanitary learning environment for our children.

In the past schools relied on public drinking fountains to provide water hydration to students throughout the day. Today, we strive for more sanitary options for our children to hydrate. With a water bottle filling station, there is a large fill area that fits any size container and keeps the two surfaces separate from touching. 

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